Happy NowRuz

On this glorious NowRuz, let’s open our arms and absorb one more new and beautiful year that arrives our way.

Here is a chance to begin life anew, to grow and evolve. Let's immerse in poetry and "Believe in the spring!" with Fereydoon Moshiri:

:Open the windows
For, the kind breeze is celebrating the
birthday of the beautiful flowers
And spring,

Do you ever remember
What the unkind wind did with our flowers
In the middle of the dark nights?

Now, believe in the miracle of the rain
And look at the generosity
In the eyes of the green meadow
And see the affection
In the soul of the kind breeze
That, with all her empty-handedness,
Is celebrating the birthday of the young flowers
The soil is alive again
Why have you turned into silent stones?
Open the windows
And believe in the spring!"

My hope for this bright NowRuz and all the succeeding days of this year and all the future years is embracing unity, friendship, and more than ever, Peace.


Editor in Chief,
Pari Esfandiari, PhD.