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Mar 18, 2018
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نیاز فوری

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Pari Esfandiari
Editor In Chief: Pari Esfandiari
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Dear Friends, The Internet purportedly marks the millennial world of democracy and equality, where nationality, race, class and gender differences can finally be cast aside. Yet, over the years, it... Read More

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day Dear Friends, In the course of history, International Women’s Day has taken many forms. At its infancy, in the early years of the twentieth century, it was recogn... Read More

Happy NowRuz

On this glorious NowRuz, let’s open our arms and absorb one more new and beautiful year that arrives our way. Here is a chance to begin life anew, to grow and evolve. Let's immerse in poetry a... Read More

US Census

Dear friends;According to the 2000 Census, there are only 338,000 Iranian Americans living in US; the (Iranian) community thinks otherwise. Studies conducted by various organizations indicate far grea... Read More

Happy News Year

In a somber mood we usher in the New Year.As our troubled nation’s fight for freedom, democracy and independence reaches new heights. Let us in this occasion look from the past, through the presen... Read More

The unbearable

When I left Iran all those years ago my parents were a young couple. I had managed to freeze the time in my mind and remember them as they were. That was until I went back home and saw my father now o... Read More

Happy Nowruz

BAHARAN KHOJASTEH BAD, As we prepare to celebrate the first day of spring and Nowruz, the beginning of the Iranian New Year, let us open our hearts to the joy of life’s rebirth.A tradition that ha... Read More

International women’s day

This Year, in observing International Women's Day I took part in several interviews and events. Among these was an interview by Shabnam Assadollahi of Radio Hamseda (Canada). We spoke about the histo... Read More

Happy New Year

The New Year has arrived. January is about looking forward but also looking back to what has been achieved. New Year messages should be positive, filled with hope. But I am not going to lie. I am ha... Read More

A Letter to the Community

Since the Islamic revolution of 1978, as a result of confluences of circumstances, Iranians have acquired a global negative image while those in the diaspora, particularly in the United States, have b... Read More

Iran’s porn industry

Extract from an article by Pari Esfandiari & Richard Buskin. Although Iran’s conservative government constantly decries the corrupting effects of Western culture, it can do little to control people... Read More

Iran youth ambivalent toward West

Dear friends;Extract from an article by Pari Esfandiari & Richard Buskin.Ever since Iran’s revolution the authorities focused on raising a new generation that would passionately believe in the regim... Read More

A presidential reception!

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, arrived in New York with a clear mission: to convince both the American public and UN general assembly that if anyone is eager for war it is American government... Read More

Ramadan Mobarak

Dear Friends, Ramadan is the holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk and offering prayers to the Almighty. Time to reach out to friends and family, those near and dear to our heart and those far ... Read More

No War on Iran

Dear friends, In a speech to US war veterans in Reno, President Bush said: "I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran's murderous activities". Now, US troops in Iraq hav... Read More

Crackdown in Iran

Since few days ago the Iranian police have launched a crack down on women whose hijabs do not match the government’s expectations. Every spring Iranian authorities increase pressure on women to ob... Read More


Behnood Mokrei from Voice of America interviews Pari Esfandiari about IranDokht. مصاحبه بهنود مکری از صدای آمریکا با پری اسفندیاری. برای دیدن مصاحبه اینجا را کلیک کنید: To see the program please click here: Windows Media Player 56kWindows Media Player 256K...
Read More

Happy New Year

Dear Friends, The year 2006 is ending with Iran being threaten by war and with the undesirable East-West clash unresolved, while ugly pictures of Sadam’s execution occupying our screens. I only ... Read More

Hajib hijacked: Politics of the Veil

- The murder of a Muslim woman, who was shot and killed recently while walking with her three-year-old child, has been labeled as a hate crime--sparked by her veil. In response, Concerned Women of Fre... Read More

International Women's Day's Violence

Dear Friends,International Women’s Day in Iran: I was troubled to learn about the attack on the peaceful assembly of Iranians to honor International Women's Day. Especially distasteful was the beati... Read More

Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Last week, the images of an Afghan Miss England challenged the conventional Western perception of an Afghan woman rapped in a burka. In many ways such a clear contradiction reflects the ... Read More

Iranian-Women's Renaissance Scholarship

Dear Friends, I am delighted to announce that IranDokht and Iranian American Scholarship Fund are joining effort to promote "Iranian-Women’s Renaissance Scholarship" designed to support Iranian... Read More

Women’s Voices in the Muslim World

Dear Friends, On June 9, New California Media, the Independent Press Association-NY and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism co-hosted THE FIRST NATIONAL EXPO OF ETHNIC MEDIA in New Yor... Read More

Women's Movement in Iran

Dear Friends, I was interviewed by Tania Atallah to discuss feminism in Iran. As many of you have been interested to learn about the history of Iran's women's movement, I have decided to publish th... Read More

Stepping Forward with Shirin

Dear Friends, In a recent American TV quiz show, a contestant was asked to name the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Without hesitation, the contestant replied, “Shirin Ebadi from Iran”, as if ask... Read More

The Nobel Peace Prize- The Turning Point

Dear Friends, I am delighted that the Nobel Peace Prize has been bestowed upon Iranian Shirin Ebadi. It is a triumph not only for Shirin herself, but also for all Iranian women and Iranians. Within... Read More

The Loss of a Great Mind

Dear Friends, Last Wednesday, the world grieved for the death of a great mind- Edward Said. Said was a literary critic, but his unprecedented approach in understanding colonization com... Read More

Welcome Note

Welcome to IranDokht's inspiring community! "Welcoming" you is merely a tradition - you do not need to be welcomed to your OWN home! It is not a coincidence that IranDokht ... Read More

... Read More


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