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Hello My son is 3 months. I want to know what kind of toys and music...

گشت غمناك دل و جان عقاب چو ازو دور شد ايام شباب ديد كش دور...

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Volunteers Wanted
Volunteering your time is a great way to gain valuable job experience and have some...
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محمد نوری
استاد محمد نوری خواننده پیشکسوت، مرد هنر و اخلاق و چهره ماندگار کشور به دلیل...


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In my recent trip to Los Angeles, I attended Dr. Fariba Rofougaran’s book signing. The evening rapidly turned to a fun...
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The following excerpt is from an interview with Pari Esfandiari for Arte TV Channel Europe. It is a thought provoking co...
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Your Essential Element is “Earth”
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Pejman Akbarzadeh

Persian (Iranian) people in the English-speaking countries are the only community who use t...
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By Brian Wheeler

The story below was originally published by the Read more

Sara is 16 years of age. She presents as a good-looking, friendly and likable individual with a touch of shyness. Her t...
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Step aside, guys. Women are moving up the payroll. According to a March “Women at Work” report by the Bureau of Lab...
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About a year ago, I met an entrepreneur from Iran at a conference, and he told me about the momentum in Iran's high-tech...
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    I do not agree with what is being said. I am dating a...
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Community News
    The program includes five interviews with: Abtahi, Hamid...
Community Board
    For nearly 60 years, Nobel Price winning UNICEF (United...
Let Our Voices Be Heard
    WLP's partner in Pakistan, the Aurat Foundation, has a to...
Laugh Out Loud ... LOL
    يه مرده به زنش ميگه اسم چهار تا حيوونوبگو كه اولش خ باشه زنه ميگه...
Culture Chit-Chat
    افغانستان یکی از کانون‌های اصلی فرهنگ خاورزمین بوده استنمایشگاه "گنج‌های نجات‌یافته" در شهر...
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