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The Birth of Abstract Romanticism

By: Prof. Albert Boime
Rumi and the Paintings of Kamran Khavarani

Job Market
Casting for a Persian boy
I'm casting the role of a persian (or middle eastern) boy in a Meryl Streep movie....
Kanoum Vazir - Farokhrou Parsa (Persian)
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1st Muslim skydiving
World's first unisex Muslim sky diving center' opened in Tehran with female instructors,...   Read more

Kiss of deaf
Following a passionate kiss, a Chinese woman was left partially deaf....   Read more

Oman: Women to own land
Oman has amended its land law to give women equal rights as men to own residential plots....   Read more

Nations & Maternity Pay
Which countries offer the best maternity pay or levels of child care? Where are you most likely to have cosmetic surgery? ...   Read more

دانشگاه، فریاد آزادی
گزارش تصویری از تجمع -دانشگاه فریاد آزادی -...   Read more

Photographer Haleh Anvari
She talks about how her photographs of women in brightly coloured chadors attempt to redraw the image of Iran in the west...   Read more

Iran & U.S communication
Iranian government gave permission to bloggers to travel to the United States to write about its election. But minutes before ...   Read more

Rap artists and Chafieh
For nearly 30 years its distinctive chequered pattern has been a sacrosanct symbol of Iran's Islamic revolution and an essenti...   Read more

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60th Anniversary of the Human Rights Day

Breathtaking Information Exponential Growth

The Glass House - Documentary about the girls of Omid-e-Mehr
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Iran: Dating site 'prostitution'
Lessons From Inside the Ring
Amnesty Film On Iranian Women's Movement
قهرمانی تیم ملی راگبی زنان ایران در آسیا
کمپين يک ميليون امضاء کانديدا جايزه 'وان ورلد
تکرار رسوایی دانشگاه زنجان در قم
نسرین ستوده ممنوع الخروج شد
Paris thieves steal $100m jewels
'Satanic Fashion Thugs' Arrested
نرخ رحم اجاره ای در بازار سیاه
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Muslims Vs. Iran
Iran cleric:Obama adopting old U.S. tactics
Iran:Obama's remark was 'cowboy' talk
Iran cuts support for Iraq groups
Iran detains Iranian-Canadian blogger
Iraq urges Obama to talk to Iran, Syria
Iran Urges Obama to Change Approach
Hopes pinned on Iran's 'chocolate' man
Netanyahu upbeat on Obama plans for Iran
Iran's Oil Output May Fall 25%
Strong tremor hits Qeshm Island
Arms expert urges moderate approach on Iran
Gates to Press China on Iran Nukes
Iran: Muslim Anger Over Gaza to Explode
Iran watchdog scraps new presidential rules
Iran students protest amid heavy security
Iran will not halt nuclear work despite U.S.
Iran:to drop 'carrot and stick' in nuclear row
Iran set for a year of living dangerously
Iran watchdog scraps new presidential rules
Oil firm sidesteps sanctions on Iran
Iran tests missile during naval maneuver
Iran to crush rebels behind police murders
Iran and Ecuador vow closer ties
Bush: Iran's nuclear program still a threat
Iran to Obama: Show us the change
Iran hangs three drug traffickers
Reformists start election campaign
Iran Conducts Multi-Service Exercise
Iran's breakout incapability
Ahmadinejad worried over oil price fall
Iran: rebel group killed 16 policemen
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Women's activist wins Mexico national rights award
Saudi women speak publicly about divorce
Algeria:Cherifa Kheddar wins International Service Award
Cash-Strapped Women Turning to Egg Donation
Japanese women stick to extensions for lusher lashes
India: A women's mosque in Shillong
Saudi Arabia: No to marriages to foreigners
Women find happiness is not about the economy
Morocco: Conditions, Not Conflict
Where Are the New Jobs for Women?
Men Are Red-Faced, Women Greenish
Kenya: Girls flee female genital mutilation in Kenya
Genocide Prevention Task Force Delivers Blueprint
Targeted Assassination Part II
Nepal: Muslim women against divorce
Anemia Rates Down
Warlord's trial gives women hope
Iraqi women, fighting for a voice
Recession Hurts Women's Health
Violence against women 'all too prevalent'
Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia's All-Girl Rock Band
Little Support For Trafficked Women In Russia
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Afghan Students Arrive...
اعتراض به سلب حق تحصیل از شهروندان افغان
Young Afghan women are learning to be free
Women used in huge voter fraud in Afghanistan
Afghans fight a killer
Afghan women leaders face growing Taliban threats
Afghan women indicate desire to work
Bombs believed aimed at women
350 women in prisons, many for 'moral crimes
Laura Bush Urges Continued US Support for Afghanistan
Taliban in burqa, 52 others are killed
Soccer helps Afghan girls reclaim some freedom
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