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Women in Turkey
Women's groups in Turkey have condemned a new draft constitution, saying it sets the country back years in terms of gender...   Read more

تحصيل زنان اتلا‌ف هزينه است
در ميان همه بحث‌ها براي اجراي انتخابات هشتمين مجلس شوراي اسلا‌مي و در آغاز سي‌امين سال انقلا‌ب، انگار هيچ بحثي جذاب‌تر از وضعيت زنان در ايران نيست...   Read more

بيانيه انجمن روزنامه‌نگاران زن
انجمن روزنامه‌نگاران زن ايران درباره توقيف مجله زنان بيانيه‌اي صادر كرد. در اين بيانيه آمده است: "هزاره سوم که هزاره اطلاعات و دانش ...   Read more

بیست هزار کودک بي شناسنامه
آمارهاي غيررسمي از وجود 20هزار کودک بي هويت و بدون شناسنامه در کشور خبر مي دهد و اين آمار زماني زنگ هاي خطر را به صدا درمي آورد ...   Read more

Iran bans public executions
Iran's judiciary chief moved to curb the increasingly common spectacle of public executions yesterday by banning the pract...   Read more

Women crucial in election
The election for the 290- seat Majlis will be crucial in determining the future of the hard-line conservatives who broadly ...   Read more

تفکيک جنسيت،در کتاب هاي درسي
سرپرست آموزش و پرورش در آخرين اظهار نظر خود خواستار تفکيک جنسيتي و تدوين کتاب هايي جداگانه براي دختران و پسران شده است ...   Read more

جنبش زنان و انتخابات
انتخابات مجلس ایران به زودی برگزار می‌شود. زنان چه خواست‌هایی دارند و تا چه حد در انتخابات ایران به این خواست‌ها توجه می‌شود؟ ...   Read more

Persepolis Up for Cesars
Several major kudos, including Best Film, at the 2008 César Awards, France’s own Academy Awards are lined up for persep...   Read more

Death sentence for author
An Afghan journalist who was sentenced to death for distributing an article about Islam and women's rights is actually bei...   Read more

مخالف جنگ و تحریم
من بارها و بارها در صحبت‌هایی كه در دانشگاه‌ها و رسانه‌های مختلف داشته‌ام، مخالفت خود را با تحریم اقتصادی و جنگ اعلام كرده و گفته‌ام ...   Read more

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کابوس اعدام در خواب 70 کودک
جزییات پرونده دو خواهر سنگساری
Two Sisters Sentenced to be Stoned to Death
جنجال بدون منطق
Heaven knows I'm Muslim now
Ahmadinejad: Women are most oppressed social class
Iranian Civil Society
جمعیت زنان کمتر از مردان
Discussion to question media's coverage of Iran
Brushing up on Iranians
مقام اول از نظر تعداد جراحي زيبايي بيني در دنیا
توافق اسلامگرایان و ملی گرایان ترکیه بر سر حجاب
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Iran-Oman Political Committee
Anger over India's launch of spy satellite
Iran brushes off US rocket rebuke
Iran will have nuclear weapon in 3 years
A Middle East free of WMD
نخستین کاوشگر فضایی ایران پرتاب شد
IAEA Director sees progress with Iran inquiry
Sanctions likely to backfire, warns business
Iran fires rocket from space center
Iran's rulers struggle as economy weakens
Hard weather hits Iran's weak point
Russia: UN resolution sends 'clear signals'
Iran slams French plans for Gulf base
Quake hits western Iran
Iran's GDP rose 6.7 pct in March-Sept yr/yr
Iran, India and Pakistan On Pipeline Deal
Iran invited Chad, Sudan leaders to Tehran
Iraq, Afghan wars gave Iran boost
US envoy: Iran gained from US invasions
Iran announces new gas field in Gulf
Photo Report - Frozen Cherry trees
Breaking the silence
Israel Doubts U.S. Intel on Iran
Iran executed 5 people in one day
Mottaki: Iran-Africa meeting soon to be held
Radioactive Cargo on Train to Iran Investigated
Bush: Don't show Iran US is 'paper tiger'
France: Iran still pursuing nuclear arms
An address by Reza Pahlavi
سرکوب گسترده دانشجويان
Iran looks for help with reactors
Diplomat sees better Iran-Iraq ties
S.Africa hints at Iran nuclear resolution delay
Iran to produce nuclear energy by 2009
Iran bans public executions
ایران اعدام در ملاء عام را متوقف می کند
Iran Controversy at State Department
Iran will have a biased election
Reaction to Bush final address is ho-hum
Ahmadinejad: Israel's Days Are Numbered
Egypt And Iran Hold First High-level Meeting
Ahmadi-Nejad under fire over jobless
`Talks' With Petrobras on Caspian Project
Iran approaching nuclear 'peak'
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Pakistan: Shariat Courts in Swat?
African women slam abuse of females with HIV/AIDS
The 'women's vote' and Clinton
Congo: UN Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
Wear red day
UN: Saudi women face systematic discrimination
Mentally disabled women used in bombings
The Safe Abortion Action Fund
Bahrain: Women's Status in Bahrain
Women equal men in French Legion of Honour
No growth in film jobs for women
International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation
UK: to set up a Muslim Women's Advisory Group
Saudi Women See a Brighter Road on Rights
Women and men in sports: Separate is not equal
Kyrgyzstan: Madrassa graduates strive to teach
Manila women want law on family planning revoked
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International Conference On Afghanistan Reconstruction
Will Karzai Save Afghan Journalist From Death?
Women, children killed in Afghan raid
Rice heads for London as Afghan crisis looms
Afghan Senate withdraws demand for death sentence
US concerned international community may abandon
Talibanization and nukes
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