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Feb 27, 2017
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Compiled by UNIFEM's Gender and Media Project in Kabul.
UNIFEM is not responsible for the views expressed or stories told.
  Government aware of actions against women in certain parts of the country   Comment

Anis: President Hamid Karzai met a number of managers and leaders of women’s groups at the Presidential Palace yesterday. A number of officials and members of the groups raised some of the problems that are faced by women in the country and called on the government to solve them.

[The director of the All Afghan Women’s Union] Suraya Parlika pointed out the importance of voter registration, saying: “The future elections are tied in with the fate of all of the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, women’s registration process must be speeded up and ways must be found to help women find the voter registration centres more easily.”

Another speaker, Karima Sarwar, congratulated the President on the ratification of the constitution and called for the implementation of the
constitution’s provisions about securing women’s rights in the administrative, social and political arenas.

Golalai Habib spoke about the problems faced by women in the provinces of Hirat, Nangarhar and [Balkh] and called on the government to secure women’s rights in those provinces.

Lida Soroush raised the problems faced by girl students at Kabul University’s dormitory and the lack of schools in Kapisa Prorvince’s district of Kuhestan.

Other participants provided the President with information about women’s problems and their demands about healthcare and education for women in the provinces of Takhar, Logar, Ghazni, Paktya and Maidan Wardak.

Having heard their speeches, the President said: “The majority of the people of Afghanistan support the rights and freedoms given to women within the framework of the constitution. A large number of elders from various provinces have come to me asking for schools and clinics for women to be built in their areas. The Government is aware of the illegal actions taken against women by some people in certain parts of the country and will take practical measures to deal with them.”

On the speeding up of the electoral registration process, the President said the Electoral Monitoring Commission was working jointly with the United Nations to find out how this could be done across the country.

It has been decided to set up more centres over the next two months. At that stage, there will be 30,000 people working in 12,000 registration centres. This will give all the citizens, women as well as men, an equal chance to receive electoral cards.

At the end of the meeting, the President issued the necessary instructions to the authorities concerned to solve the women’s problems.

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