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May 22, 2015
How much exposure is too much?
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Compiled by UNIFEM's Gender and Media Project in Kabul.
UNIFEM is not responsible for the views expressed or stories told.
  New information on electoral registration   Comment

Erada daily:
For the first time, a women’s registration centre has been set up in Kandahar. The opening ceremonies were attended by the heads of the Departments of Women’s Affairs, 50 local women, and the electoral staff of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan [UNAMA]. On the same day, about 200 women registered at the centre.

During the next few days, buses will be used to take women to the registration centres.

In Hirat, for the first time equal numbers of women and men have been seen at the registration centre, 2,302 men and 2,203 women.

In Kabul, four new registration centres are going to be opened: Abdolrahim Shahid High School, district 13; Ebrahim Khalilollah High School district 12; Spin-Guli High School, district 5; and the Qala-e-Zaman Khan Secondary School, district 16.

827,366 Afghans have so far registered for the elections. 640,318 have been men and 187,048 women. 

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