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Mar 18, 2018
How much exposure is too much?
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نیاز فوری
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Join Us

Although this is our first issue, we are pleased with the support we have received from the community. Many of you have shown an interest and would like to be involved in our unique endeavor. IranDokht welcomes you all. It believes in corporate citizenship and aims to create a community run by the community. Working single-handedly not only will limit our scope, but also may overlook the span of ideas and the wealth of knowledge of our audience. We welcome and encourage your active participation. Please study the following categories in order to find out which area will best meet your interests:


We are currently enjoying the work of about 100 authors. They have contributed by sending us their articles, book reviews and commentaries. Our authors are the pulse of IranDokht, for without them we could not survive. Some of these authors are not only famous among the Iranian community but are known worldwide. Others may be beginners who hope to get a good start and dream of someday being successful. Our writers are dedicated members of our community, some not only are committed to their promise of writing for us, but willing to answer your questions and participate in discussions.

Being an author may be hard work but you can also call it a "labor of love". It is even more fulfilling when you contribute to your community and connect directly with your audience. If this is your field and you are willing to make the commitment please note:

  • There is significant editorial freedom.
  • It is perhaps the best way to share your point of view.
  • You can become an online leader, not only within Iranian community, but also internationally, as international recognition is our aim.
  • You will enjoy the advantage of having your own online presence without worrying about costs, marketing, management and technical issues.
  • You work with a network of talented writers and exchange experience and ideas.
  • You will receive 20% of any advertisements you personally obtain for your page.
  • We will grow fast; as we grow, you will grow.

There is no need for technical or computer programming knowledge. If you would like to contribute please send your profile to


Our hosts communicate with people in chat rooms and discussion forums and are in direct contact with the IranDokht community. The main requirements for this position are as follows:

  • A member of IranDokht
  • 18 years or older.
  • Have access to the Internet on a regular basis.
  • A good conversationalist.
  • Articulate and witty character.
  • Well acquainted with the topic you host.
  • Compassionate about our goal to reach everyone!

This is not only a very interesting area to work in, but like any community work, it can be quite rewarding. If you would like to contribute please send your profile to


There are many areas where we need volunteers: editing (translating as well as copyediting), administration, research, art (illustration, calligraphy, photography etc), and technical work. If you would like to contribute, please send your profile to

Our Management Team

We welcome participation of professionals with management, business, marketing, legal, or public relations backgrounds. If you would like to contribute please send your profile to

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