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Jul 04, 2015
How much exposure is too much?
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Happy New Year In...
  hello everybody. I am very happy to have found your sight. Very interesting. I am Afrikaans...  
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  Volunteering your time is a great way to gain valuable job experience and have some...  
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IranDokht - things we should not say!
"There is no greater power than an idea whose time has come."

IranDokht is an online media platform that connects the global community to Iranian women. It serves as a kaleidoscope of lifestyles, identities, art, and culture, reflecting the tensions between modernity and tradition.

With more than eighty journalists and contributing writers, many of them leading cultural figures and accomplished professionals, IranDokht is recognized as a comprehensive source of information on contemporary Iran. Founded in 2002, Irandokht has been showcased by UNESCO, recognized by New America Media, and featured in Playboy, Huffington Post, BlogHer, Voice of America, KPFK, KALW and numerous media outlets.

Today, IranDokht remains an independent, non-partisan, politically engaged, controversial and influential voice in the media landscape. Its aesthetic, revealed in a lively, playful and breezy style, attracts a world wide audience.

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