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Jan 30, 2015
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About This Debate 
Increasingly Iranian women who grow up in the West choose Western men over Iranian men for dating or marriage. They claim that relationships with Iranian men are often caught in a web of traditional under codes that gradually force them to take traditional roles and undermine their independence and confidence. ... Read More
Artist: Sadaf Kiani  
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posted by dahlia on 04/22/09
persian man

and he never showed any signs of remorse. My friends who knows about him calls him a sex maniac because he would ask any woman to date with him, doesn't matter if your young or old. It makes him feels he is so handsome and lovable. He plays with womens emotions. I know men in the middle east are very respectful of their mother but have they ever thought she was a woman too?
posted by HeCallsMeFereshteh on 10/19/08
The lies

I was dating a persian man here in Canada, he was sweet, kind and generous. Treated me very well. Until he has his wife shipped over from Iran. He still wanted to see me, still treated me well, told me not to worry. She was just here for citizenship, they had an understanding. So I believed him, as her arrival did not change our relationship. We traveled together, had fun, concieved a child, that I did misscarry. He became even more attentive, made future plans for us, then out of the blue told me he was leaving the country with his wife, and he broke up with all of the other ladies her was seeing, why was I taking this so bad, that I just didnt understand him.... He right I do not... I am sad and hurt. and blogging it out online as a form of therapy.

I would suggest to stay away from him. He has many great qualities, but under it all it is all lies.
posted by nahid on 07/30/06
It must be in male gene.

I raised my son with love, taught him to love and respect everyone specially women.

He loves me and does everything for me, he is a wonderful son. But when it comes to his girl fiends a totally different character comes out. I feel sorry for women he is dating. He chits on them when I protest he says they do not deserve any better.

I do not want him to get married now but I am worried that with this attitude he will never find happiness. A woman in love may be blind or tolerating but later in a marriage they will want to be equal and they will divorce him.

All I can say is that I did not teach nor do I approve this behavior, his father passed away long ago. I wonder where he got this attitude from, it must be in male gene.

Bella replied:

Unless it is your son that I have been dating there are many men out there like that. I fell in love w/an Iranian man who told me his mom raised him to respect women and treat them right. Then he told me months later he was seeing other women (in a round about way w/o having to say the words "cheat" on me. You're right--they are different when they want to be. He loves him mom dearly, and I thought that he would then treat me right--I was wrong.
posted by chysta on 06/28/06
marde irani

ba in maghale kamelan movafegham,,,choon khodam ham az hamin noe ezdevaj va jodaee ro dashtam
posted by Nektaria on 02/05/06
It's about Communication

I am an American woman dating an Iranian man, and have never had ANY man treat me so well. He is the most thoughtful, caring, loving man any woman could ever dream of.

However, we have a very different relationship in public than we do in front of others he calls all the shots, and I stand behind his decisions and back him up 100%. This is because I love him and trust him to do the right thing and I like being seen with a strong, masculine, capable man.

As a result his friends are jealous, and his ego boosted...and I'm the one who reaps the rewards as he'd do anything in the world for me. If he does not agree with something I wish to do, which is rare, he tells me his reasons. I generally don't do whatever it is, not because I can't but because I love him, and whatever I wanted to do is usually not more important to me than his happiness. Some might call that 'control', I prefer to call it communication and compromise.

As the saying goes "the man is the head of the household, but the woman is the neck. The neck can turn the head any way it wishes."
Ambreia replied:
Prepare to be a Doormat
Really. Been there done that. Those men are raised to be domineering even when they're sweet and seem to be "westernized." Or, rather, it is as part of Islamic culture. If he takes you to Iran, you will find yourself fully immersed in it and have no personal or civil rights to speak of and he either won't or can't save you from it. You obviously take the ones you have for granted. You don't know yet what is to have them taken from you rather than temporarily surrendered by you just because you love him so much. Will your love for him survive the loss of yourself as person? I could tell you some things about life for women in Iran and marriage to Iranian men that would turn your hair white. As I said: been there, done that.

Don't be foolish. Don't be a doormat. See if he can accept you as a free and equal being. If not, you're in more danger of hell-on-earth than you can begin to imagine. I hope you can survive it.
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