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Jul 22, 2014
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posted by fitrijunay on: 04/21/14 Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya

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posted by admin on: 03/14/03
Peace or War

Much of the news today centers on the demonstrations against war in Iraq.
This, along with the ignorance of people, has troubled me enough to write about it.
Watching the sea of humans on television, I draw a parallel between the images of Iraqi Kurds in the refugee camps, their children playing in the
mud and the children in democratic nations, cheerfully walking hand in hand with their parents! Obviously in the "free" world there is enough democracy to have the "right" to express your opinion but the question arises when one thinks about the suffering people in Iraq and the nature of these demonstrations!

Do these demonstrators really care about the children, or are they protesting simply because it is
fashionable to go to these rallies? Or do they hold the Western belief that Iraq cannot become
a democratic society, so why bother? Are Iraqis not human enough to be liberated, as the Germans, Italians, and French were liberated in 1945?
Why do Europeans welcome American intervention in solving European security problems but object when it comes to the Middle East (does anyone
still remember Kosovo?) Perhaps this line of thinking comes from the anti- Semitic European attitude towards Arabs. Europeans know
better than anyone else that sometimes nations have to be helped to help themselves. Every person is worthy of living in freedom, and, unfortunately,
Iraqis and the rest of the Middle East are deprived of their most basic rights.

Perhaps there are people in this world who, like me, find these demonstrations a betrayal of the oppressed Iraqis. Where were the human shield and candlelight vigil people when Kurds or Iranian soldiers were gassed? We are speaking about a regime that is responsible for the genocide
of about a million people! This regime must be held accountable for crimes against humanity. It is never too late or too early to move in and eliminate
this cancerous tumor. The removal of this regime is a blessing for the region and will open new horizons for the Iraqi people as well as other nations in the Middle East. Finally, the US has come to realize the
importance of security in the region and the inseparable relationship between security and democracy.

Iraqis are living zombie-like under this regime. Oil is smuggled out to bring money for palaces and weapons while Iraqi children are dying because of medicine shortages. We must all pray for an end to this tragic condition but it is obvious that it will not happen as long as the current Iraqi regime
is in power. An invasive surgery on this dying patient is better than letting him die painfully and slowly. Unlike Europeans, I believe Iraqis deserve a better life and they will have a brighter future under a
democratic regime.
zenyzou replied:

Peace is important, if you want a war, just start a war in the game wildstar, you can even build your own army in it.

posted by admin on: 03/14/03
Female Iranian Parliament Member answering your questions:

The Digital Freedom Network (DFN) promotes human rights education and activism around the world, primarily through the use of Internet technology.
DFN have invited Iranian Parliament Member: Fatemah Rakei to answer peoples questions.
Fatemah Rakei, is one of only 13 female members of Iran's 270-seat parliament. She will answer questions about the current status of
Women in Iran and her career as a member of parliament.

Ms. Rakei, who is also a poet, has worked tirelessly to help the passing of recent legislation to help promote the lives of Iranian
women. Although Iranian women are now able to become police officers
and bus drivers, travel abroad to study and seek a divorce in court, they are still far from having the same rights as men.

In addition to many inequalities, married Iranian women are not able to travel without their husband's permission and women's testimony given in court is given less weight than a man's.
Questions should be submitted using the Web form at
The Digital Freedom Network. All e-mail must be received by
Wednesday, March 19, 9:00 AM New York Time (2:00 PM GMT).

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