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Mar 18, 2018
Advertising Brochure
  By advertising with IranDokht you show Iranian community that you care about their community, heritage and culture.
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  Increased Brand awareness and corporate Identity Exposure: Your message would reach the Iranian community that is fast emerging as a strong and affluent market.
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  Iranian market is fast emerging as a strong, pristine, and affluent market. Women influence the purchase of 80% of all consumer goods in the U.S.
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About IranDokht
  • Targeted audience & focused content.
  • Multi faceted & multilingual.
  • Credible and popular.
  • Has no competition.
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  Several Generations of Affluent, Professional, Informed, & Internet Savvy Women.
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  Providing a unique blend of information, service and support that chronicling every aspect of women’s daily lives and preferences.
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IranDokht's Members:
Several Generations of Affluent, Professional, Informed, & Internet Savvy Women

Members Demographics:

Gender: 65% of users are women
Age: 79% of users are aged 25-55 , 21% aged 18-25
Marital Status: 68% of users are single
Parental: 71% have no children
Residence: 79% of users live in US, 71% of which are in Los Angeles.
Education: 55% have college education and more
Shopping: 8% shop on-line daily, 23% weekly, 49% monthly

  (Source: - Admin User Report 06/2007)
Users opinion poll:
94% recommend Irandokht to others
73% their opinion of others/products changed after seeing them in association with Irandokht.
63% emailed/discussed our article with others
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