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Aug 29, 2014

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  Iranian Women · Iran · Women
Women architects: Building ...
German photographer Casey Hugelfink had access to the Islamic republic in th...  Read more

30 Countries To Attend Inte...
TEHRAN, Aug 25 (Bernama) -- Iran's first International Women Summit to be he...  Read more

Iran in the 80s
German photographer Casey Hugelfink had access to the Islamic republic in th...  Read more
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Watching the World Cup in Iran: Women on the sid
Saudi: Blames 'Flirtatious' women
نخستین جایزه رسانه ای اتحادیه اروپا
Iran hails progress in talks
S. Africa says has suspended Iran oil imports
Strong UN Support for Iran Special Rapporteur
Women struggle for small-business loans
women lasttest
Women& Marathons
Iran Expatriates Get Chilly Reception
Egypt's elections
Loading movie...
Simin Behbahani
دوباره میسازمت، وطن
Israelies laugh
About Iran nukes!
Colors Of Nature
Woven in Exquisite Iranian Clothes
بر نمایشگاه رخساره کريمي
Iranian Schindler
who saved Jews from the Nazis!
4 Iranian Scientists Awarded
Things We Shouldn't Say!
Polish Isfahan
echoes from past
In focus
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  Hot Off The Press
  Beauty · Sculpture · History · Literature
Simin Behbahani, a prizewinning poet known as “the lioness of Iran” for deftly combining classical Persian verse forms, poignant emotion and courageous social protest, died on Tuesday in Tehran. She was 87.
Simin Behbahani was born in 1927 in ...
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Silicon Valley Builds Bridge to Iran

Kamran Elahian is on a mission. The entrepreneur who founded a string of successful semiconductor companies wants to spread Silicon Valley's DNA to his native Iran. Elahian is organizing a one-day conference for entrepreneurs from the US and Iran,... Read more
  Hot Debate  
    Hijab - حجاب

How much exposure is too much?
As the debate over the Muslim hijab, or head scarf, grows with its visibility, wearers defend it as a emblem of identity. Others despise it as a sign of oppression and an obstacle to women's progress. The crucial issue remains, whether this female choice of outfit should be personal, or should boundries be set by: family, society, or government? IranDokht invites you to participate in this timely debate.
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   Child Adoption - Mahdokht Sanati

how to addict him to you Add... Read more

Marketing - Dr. Pari Esfandiari
Energy of the Univers - Dr. Parry Sabahat
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Brand name clothes at affordable price!
تغذیه هورمونی و طب ورزشی
The Wisdom of Relaxation
کتاب فارسی
Old classic records
  Laugh Out Loud
Democrats # Republicans
Laugh Out Loud A nostalgic poem
We all came from Iran , to the land of Uncle Sam .
We went from eating NIMROO, to eating eggs and ham.

Oh my, how times have changed from when we were just boys.
When life was safe and...
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 Current Thoughts
  Traveling · Finance & Legal · Parenting · Culture
Makeup speaks volumes
AFP _ Iran is the second-largest cosmetics market in the Middle East in terms of revenue, behind Saudi Arabia, and the world's seventh biggest. Makeup is also a form of personal expression in a society where compulsory wearing of hijab requires women... Read more
Unlocking Parviz Tanavoli

As a young boy, locks held an endless fascination for Parviz Tanavoli. Locks helped him to learn about “formal interre... Read more
Christianity in Iran: A Brief History

Christianity arrived in Iran during the Parthian (Ashkanian) period. In the book of 'Acts of Apostles' (chapter II, V.9)... Read more
  Community Corners
Cultural Chit-Chat HamletIRAN
Siena College Creative Arts Department and stage III Present HametIRAN Directed by: Mahmood Karimi-Hakak Written by:...Read more
Something to Think About Sunfusion solar
A SunFusion Solar residential solar system lets you become a customer-generator for the utility company, a special type of cu...Read more
Community News test
test...Read more
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  Persian Cooking
  By: Etrat Elahi
Chef's Choice Kabab Hosseini - Skillet Kabob
کباب حسینی
Makes 5 Servings

1 cup plain yogurt
¼ cup lemon juice
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  Latest Health News
  Health News     Health Articles
The Campaign Against Women
Easing suffering of Lyme disease
Women's eggs 'can be increased'
Women feel pain more intensely
Fighting Heart Disease at 40s
Less menstrual pain
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darkhast rahnemaii
ba salam esme man shayan hast hodode 1 salonim hast dar amrika va dar shahre twin falls idaho zendegi mikonam green card amrika ra ham daram. inja ke man hastam jaii baray pishratf baraye man nist sha...Read more
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Persian songs 2014 Top 10

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Kowat Music group

Persian Cards - order now

Farshad Jamali

  Girl Power · Mind & Body
The founder of the First Iranian Journal of Culture
دو روز تابستاني در همدان
Are you ready to say Baeleh?
Poor Academic Achievement or Depression?
Farsi or Persian
و دليل نامگذاري خيابان جردن تهران
زن: موضوع هنر
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  Recent Articles
  Caricature · Persian Cooking · Education · Home
صادق هدایت و برتری نژادی
آیا سبیل کوچکی که در برخی از عکس های صادق هدایت زیر بینی او دیده می‌ شود جنبه‌ ی آرایشی دارد یا آرمانی؟1

نمی دانم اما کافی‌ست که به آلبوم های خانوادگی عکس های دوران رضاشاه نگاه کنیم تا دریابیم که گذاشتن این نوع سبیل رواج همگانی داشته و مانند سبیل پرپشت ملی ‌گرایان و ریش شرعی اسلام ‌گرایان نشان از دلبستگی ‌های آرمانی می ‌دهد. در آن زمان تب هیتلردوستی در کشور بالا گرفته بود و طبیعتاً گذاشتن سبیل...
Read more

The Origin of Chess

Chess is one of humanities popular pastimes and has been described not only as a game, but also as an art, a science and... Read more
ناصرالدین شاه و 84 زن او
این انیمیشن به زندگی خصوصی ناصرالدین شاه قاجار می پردازد. در این ا... Read more
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