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Jul 27, 2016

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  Iranian Women · Iran · Women
Iran nuclear deal survives
A disapproval resolution for the agreement fell two votes short of the 60 ne...  Read more

Fifa & Iran's ban on women
Barring women from entering football stadiums is a violation of article thre...  Read more

20 women senators
Behind landmark sex- trafficking bills, are 20 women senators....  Read more
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20 women senators
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Happy Persian New Year
how much exposure is too much?
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  Editor's Notes · Caricature · Customs & Ceremonies · Customs & Ceremonies
م – بیست و دوسال پیش مادرم "قمر" کره خاکی ما را ترک کرد. تنها کاری که در نبود او می توانستم انجام دهم نگاه کردن به بقچه ها، بسته ها و صندوق نامه ها و کتابهائی بود که در طی سالها جمع آوری و نگهداری کرده بود. بین تمام اوراق پراکنده به نامه های خصوصی خانم صدیقه دولت آبادی که در طی سالها برای خواهرانشان فخری و قمر نوشته بودند. نخستین نامه ازپاریس درسال1302 و آخرین آن از تهران به لندن نوشته شده بود..در بین آن همه م...
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Nowruz, The Iranian New Year at Present Times

Nowruz, in word, means "New Day". It is the new day that starts the year, traditionally the exact astronomical beginning of the Spring. Iranians take that as the beginning of the year. This exact second is called "Saal Tahvil". Nowruz with its' uniqu... Read more
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    Hijab - حجاب

How much exposure is too much?
As the debate over the Muslim hijab, or head scarf, grows with its visibility, wearers defend it as a emblem of identity. Others despise it as a sign of oppression and an obstacle to women's progress. The crucial issue remains, whether this female choice of outfit should be personal, or should boundries be set by: family, society, or government? IranDokht invites you to participate in this timely debate.
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